Welcome 2021!

A Letter from Our Co-Founders

Hello, Hello Everyone!

It’s a new year and while that doesn’t really change a whole in the practical sense (quarantine, restrictions, masks are all still very much a thing), it has a refreshing sense of new possibilities.

It’s also a great time to reflect on the past year, think about lessons learned, and start strategic planning for 2021.

While tough in many ways, 2020 challenged us and forced us to grow. We took an idea we’d been kicking around and made it into a fully-fledged business! Together we took on bigger projects than either of us had been working on alone. We did this while quarantined, Jenn often had (and occasionally still has) kids home from daycare, Jane dealt with the anxiety of being in a high-risk category during a pandemic and never leaving the house. We did it anyway. And we are so incredibly grateful for our community and friends who have taken this journey with us, COVID and online-only communications be damned!

What We Learned in 2020

  • To trust our intuition (Jane’s forte but Jenn is catching on!)
  • To be flexible and let go of the need for control when the unexpected happens
  • The importance of having a team! To be able to shift workloads and support each other when life happens has been such a blessing and makes our business all the stronger

Our Plans for 2021

It’s insane to think that BrandSwan is only 6 months old. We’ve both been running businesses separately for much longer, but as we do our strategic planning we only have 6 months of data to work with. That being said, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be backing up our analysis with a hefty dose of intuition and doing what feels right for us and the business.

Our plans include…

  • Making Reveal Your Inner Awesome our signature annual event (though the date might change!)
  • Moving the BrandSwan Live series to a Zoom/workshop format (we have a love/hate relationship with Facebook)
  • Continuing to optimize our systems and processes so that our clients get the very best experience with onboarding, communicating through the design process, and offboarding
  • Finding new ways to connect with our community online!

What will you be doing in 2021?


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