BrandSwan Presents…

A Virtual Event Bringing Out the Best You in Business and Life

About the Event

Nov 13, 2020 | 10am—5pm

This virtual event hosted by BrandSwan brings together small business owners and professionals from every industry to discover and celebrate the best in their businesses and themselves. With speakers and panels covering topics like aligning passion with talent, branding, and career pivots, as well as networking opportunities and a group meditation to end the day, this event has something for every entrepreneur. Attendees will be provided an interactive worksheet for the course of the event.

Join us on November 13th for:

  • Educational & inspirational workshops
  • Networking & community
  • Fun in-event games & door prizes
  • Resource round-up with extra goodies from our speakers & sponsors as a special thank you to all attendees after the event
  • And, most importantly, to uncover and reveal your inner awesome!
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Partner Sponsors

We can’t thank these organizations enough! They make the cool virtual platform we’re using possible. Only 4 spots available and they are industry exclusive. Contact us for more information.

Selling a home? Planning an event? Whether you need furniture for a day or a few months, we can work with you to make your space comfortable AND classy. Whatever the occasion, we’ll make it feel like home.

Business Consultant, Commercial REALTOR, Translator and Avon Rep, Brenda holds many titles in the Pennsylvania and Delaware area. 


Jane Clark

Keynote Speaker

Co-Founder & Creative Director of BrandSwan

Tonya Baynes, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Tonya Baynes


CEO & Certified Life Coach of Tonya Baynes Coaching

Adina Tovell, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Adina Tovell


Chief Curiosity Officer at Courage to Be Curious

Towanda R. Livingston


Chief Business Strategist of Livingston Worx

Traci Manza Murphy, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Traci Manza Murphy


Founder & Primary Voice of Brandywine Buzz and Executive Director at Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence

Jean Milfort


Owner of JSM Transport and Aras Furniture Rentals

Brooke Miles, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Brooke Miles


President of Delaware Shoutout

Jenn Wells


Co-Founder & Marketing Director of BrandSwan

Holly Quinn, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Holly Quinn


Delaware Lead Reporter at Technically Media

Nyia Rennalls, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Nyia Rennalls


Engagement Manager at Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement

Ashley Dixon


Communications Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services and Owner of A+A Communications Group

Lee Burstein


CEO at Dynamic Systems LLC

Emily Mannis, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Emily Dougherty


Yoga and Mindfulness Facilitator

Malaika Simmons, speaker at Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

Malaika Simmons


Performance Mindset Expert, TEDx Speaker & Creator of The Momentology Method™



— Event Opens! Network & Explore —

We are using a fun, new platform called Remo, which mimics the feel of in-person conferences. Set up your profile, click around the virtual venue, or even join tables and chat with people if you’re feeling brave enough to dive right in!


— Welcoming Remarks —

If you were hoping for a virtual events tour guide, you’re in luck! After giving people some time to wander around and get to know each other, we’re going to start by introducing the platform (Remo) and our in-event game for the day.


— Reveal Your Inner Awesome Keynote —

To kick things off, Jane Clark will be talking about what branding has to do with revealing your inner awesome, overcoming imposter syndrome, and how to fake it ‘til you make it because, believe it or not, you are the best version of yourself right now.


— Let Your Talent Lead You to Your Passion —

In this presentation, CEO & Certified Life Coach Tonya Baynes will walk us through the oft-repeated advice of following your passion, why it’s not always the best advice, and offer up some alternative ways to go about building a career you love.


— The One Question That Will Change Your Life —

Everything you think, do and say is a response to a question… How conscious are you of the question you are asking? The mind is amazing and it is actually asking and answering questions at every moment. Without our consciousness, it repeatedly asks and answers the same question again and again. But change up the question… and anything and everything becomes possible. Join Adina Tovell to learn how one question can change your business, your life and your relationships.


— How Branding Authenticity Leads to Success —

Authenticity is much discussed and sought after in and out of business. But how do we find balance between authenticity and oversharing? How can we set boundaries around our personal lives and STILL build a personal AND business brand? Join this panel of business owners who bring their own, authentic selves to their businesses and have come out stronger for it.

Panelists: Traci Manza Murphy, Jean Milfort, Brooke Miles
Moderator: Towanda Livingston


— Career Pivots: What If Your Passion Changes? —

You were living the dream! You found a way to pursue your passion and do the work you really care about. But then… something changed. It feels wrong to abandon a long-cherished dream, but is it really? Join this panel discussion with entrepreneurs who have made the pivot and know it’s ok to keep transforming to live their best lives.

Panelists: Nyia Rennalls, Holly Quinn, Ashley Dixon, Lee Burstein
Moderator: Jenn Wells


— Don’t Let Stress Interfere With Your Awesome —

This interactive presentation with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness facilitator Emily Dougherty starts with a discussion on how simple mindfulness practices can help you manage stress followed by a guided group meditation to reflect on the day.


— Momentous Life by Design —

To create a life of true meaning, design it for yourself. Have you ever tried to meditate only to find yourself feeling silly, distracted, or more stressed out than when you began? Is life just not letting you be great? Do you wish there was a way to pull yourself together, get focused, step up, speak up, or level up in any part of your life? Join Malaika Simmons to explore The Momentology Method™ and learn how to design and lead a momentous life!


— Closing Remarks —

We’ll wrap up with some (short!) closing remarks and by announcing the winners of our event games!!!

Supporting Sponsors

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Do you want to support this event? Download our sponsor packet for information. Download Packet.