Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Take your business from surviving to thriving during COVID-19 and beyond.

The event is over but you don’t have to miss out!

Now offering workshop replays, content downloads, and other resources for our latecomers.

A Virtual Event on Zoom

The event is over, but the party’s still going.

We had such a blast hosting and participating in this event. We didn’t want anyone to miss out. That’s why we made all the content available after the fact, along with tons of great downloads and links to catch up with the speakers and attendees.

Life and business have been a challenge lately! Whether you’re running your business with children wreaking havoc in the background, or struggling to pivot a business that features in-person services, things are not “normal.” And the harsh reality is that the normal we’re used to may not be coming back. So instead of waiting it out and hoping the situation will go away, let’s take charge! Take this opportunity to learn, adapt, and overcome.

With a quick Zoom tutorial to start, educational speakers, takeaways, and speed networking, this is a virtual event you don’t want to miss! And if you’ve never attended one before, this is the opportunity to get your feet wet with a group of supportive business owners who can help you navigate the Zoom world.



—  Gaby Indellini —

Opportunities for Social Media During COVID-19
Everything is happening on social media right now! We can’t go out and meet each other in person, and people are starting to feel the strain of isolation. Gaby will show you how to meet your audience where they are – on social – and maximize this opportunity to reach out and connect with your audience. They’ll thank you for it!

—  Brooke Chase —

Cook with Brooke on Simply.B Cookin’ PLUS Social Media Tips
Why run one workshop, when you can run two? In this fun presentation, Brooke will be demonstrating one of the recipes from her clean-living brand Simply.B WHILE sharing social media tips for the food industry to help them get through the drastic shift to their usual business models.

— Kristi Bahgat —

How to Run a Systems Audit
Are your business systems messy? Do you even have business systems in place? If you know your business could be running more efficiently, join this breakout with Kristi to learn how to run a systems audit and build a more organized (and effective!) business.

— JulieAnne Cross —

PR in Your Pajamas (Pt 2)
In her recent Facebook Live, JulieAnne introduced us to the basics of public relations. Now we’re taking a deeper dive into what it means to “earn media” with some actionable steps you can take to start building your business reputation and getting your name out there.

— Nicole Magnusson —

Set Your Business Finances Up for Success
Finances are always a loaded topic, so we’re glad someone was finally brave enough to tackle it! Nicole will be discussing what your business can do to weather periods of low income, and how to make smart financial decisions that will set you up for success in the longterm.

— Jane Clark —

Get Found on Google
What can we say about search engine marketing? Like social media, it’s more important than ever! And if you have extra free time right now, it’s a great time to review your website and put a plan into action for building your SEO for the future.

— Collie Turner —

In addition to being an experienced marketer and nonprofit founder, Collie has a warm, vivacious personality that just inspires you. The story of her winding career is fascinating on its own, and the way she tackles challenges and grows them into something more will give us all the bit of hope and kick in the pants we need to do the same!

— Quarantine-Proof Business Panel —

In this group discussion, we’ll be hearing from business owners and professionals who have successfully navigated the changes forced upon us by COVID-19, and learning how they managed it along with some tips we can apply to our own businesses.

Monisha Phillips
Pauline Battaglia
Paul Gaskell
Nick Anderson


Collie Turner, founder of Heroic Gardens and keynote speaker at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Collie Turner

Keynote Speaker

Founder of Heroic Gardens

Gaby Indellini, Founder of INCdellini and speaker at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Gaby Indellini


Founder of INCdellini

Brooke Chase, Founder of B.Social Marketing and presenter at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Brooke Chase


Founder of B. Social Marketing

Nicole Magnusson, financial advisor at Point to Point Wealth Planning and presenter at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Nicole Magnusson

Breakout Presenter

Financial Advisor at Point to Point Wealth Planning

Kristi Bahgat, Founder of Kristi & Co and speaker at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Kristi Bahgat

Breakout Presenter

Founder of Kristi & Co

JulieAnne Cross, founder of CrossPro and presenter at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

JulieAnne Cross

Breakout Presenter

Founder of CrossPro, Founder of Delaware Burger Battle

Nicole Magnusson, financial advisor at Point to Point Wealth Planning and presenter at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Paul Gaskell


Owner of On N Up Coaching

Monisha Phillips, owner of Pandora's Box Boutique and speaker at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Monisha Phillips


Owner of Pandora’s Box Boutique

Pauline Brittingham, owner of PRB Design and panelist at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Pauline Brittingham


Interior Designer & Owner of PRB Designs

Caricature of Nick Anderson, panelist at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities and founder of Mr. Nickles Kids

Nick Anderson


Program Specialist at KinderCare, Founder of Mr. Nickle Kids

Jane Clark

Host & Presenter

Co-Founder of BrandSwan, Owner of Teakettica

Jenn Wells

Host & Presenter

Co-Founder of BrandSwan, Owner of Jenn Wells Design

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