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Graduated Interns

These are some of our graduated interns who completed 25-160 hours (or a full semester) at our studio.

Interested in Interning with BrandSwan?

Are you our next intern? We hope so! At BrandSwan, we love working with students to hone their design and marketing skills and many of our interns have joined our team later on as independent contractors.

We provide experience in the following areas: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Content Development and more.

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Apprenticeships are currently done remotely due to COVID-19.

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"Interning with [BrandSwan] was a great opportunity that helped me to understand the process of working for clients. The work environment is great and makes interning at [BrandSwan] fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend interning with [BrandSwan] if your interested in this line of work. "

Alayne Rivera-Butler

"Working with [BrandSwan] was an experience I would never trade in. Even though I was not there for long the skills I have learned and feed-back has helped me land my very first job as a creative. Jane helped me look at my work in a different light and helped me view my work in a more professional/graphic design stand point and allowed me to revamp my work on my website to a modern/clean touch. She will helped me build a strong portfolio while teaching you that your time, and talent and worthy to be recognized. She was not just a mentor but also a friend where she made working with her fun in every sense of the word. Other students should be proud to work under her for she..."

Kianna Hicks