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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities 2020

A Quarantine Virtual Event Experience

Life and business have been a challenge lately! Whether you’re running your business with children wreaking havoc in the background, or struggling to pivot a business that features in-person services, things are not “normal.” And the harsh reality is that the normal we’re used to may not be coming back. So instead of waiting it out and hoping the situation will go away, let’s take charge! Take this opportunity to learn, adapt, and overcome.

Reveal Your Inner Awesome 2020

A Virtual Event Bringing Out the Best You in Business and in Life

This virtual event hosted by BrandSwan brings together small business owners and professionals from every industry to discover and celebrate the best in their businesses and themselves. With speakers and panels covering topics like aligning passion with talent, branding, and career pivots, as well as networking opportunities and a group meditation to end the day, this event has something for every entrepreneur.


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