First, some background! For those of you who don’t know, August is National Black Business Month and it’s not a new thing. It’s actually been around since 2004 when founders John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan Sr. founded this month of awareness and celebration to help drive policy change. While we believe in supporting black-owned businesses every day of the year, National Black Business Month is the perfect excuse to go all out in celebrating some of the amazing local businesses and business owners we’ve worked or collaborated with who happen to be black.

Ashley Dixon

Founder & CEO of A+A Communications Group

Ashley Dixon is an experienced marketing and communications professional with over a decade of experience. A+A Communications Group is not your standard communications firm. They have worked with a diverse range of industries in order to develop both innovative and efficient communication strategies.

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Jean Milfort

Owner of JSM Transportation & Aras Furniture Rental

Jean Milfort is an experienced entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses. JSM Transportation is a Delaware-based moving company that specializes in both residential and commercial moving. The JSM Transportation team is careful and qualified with over ten years of experience in moving and transportation.

Jean’s second business, Aras Furniture Rentals, provides high-quality furniture for a variety of occasions including events, showings, and short-term housing. Aras Furniture Rentals works closely with his transportation company to ensure trustworthy delivery and set up.

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Brenda Romeus

Vice President of Marketing at GoMedia Consulting

Brenda Romeus has over a decade of experience in the consulting industry and has worked with a diverse range of clientele. GoMedia Consulting is an organization with vast experience in international business development and management. GoMedia Consulting helps identify and solve business problems across the globe by matching clients with expert contractors.

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Monisha Phillips, owner of Pandora's Box Boutique and speaker at Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Monisha Phillips

Owner of Pandora’s Box Boutique

Monisha Phillips is an entrepreneur, creative thinker, and trend-setter. Her business, Pandora’s Box Boutique, was built out of a desire to share her creativity with others through fashion, accessories, and gifts. The Baltimore-based shop is filled with items that evoke a strong message of realness, humor, whimsy, and charm, and are often purchased from local artists.

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Shawn Smith

Owner of Touch Awareness Connection Team

Shawn Smith has over 30 years of experience in the medical field. He founded the Delaware-based therapeutic massage and wellness company, Touch Awareness Connection Team, also known as TACT. His company provides a variety of services including: health education, physical fitness, massages, stress management, and more.

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Tanya Williamson

Chief Visionary Officer of Married to the Ring & Founder of TABS

Tanya Williamson is a determined entrepreneur with not one, but two current businesses and plans to open a nonprofit. Married to the Ring is an international company that specializes in relationship education, offering courses, coaching, and powerful boxing-ring workshops that give attendees an interactive and emotional experience. MTR Outreach, Married to the Ring’s nonprofit arm, is planned to launch by 2021. Tanya’s other business, TABS, is a business consultancy that focuses on helping entrepreneurs get past the learning curve of starting a new business and drastically reducing the failure rate of starting a new business.

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Towanda Livingston

Chief Business Strategist of Livingston Worx

Towanda Livingston is an award-winning diversity, equity & inclusion expert. Towanda believes in approaching DEI from 2 sides: diversifying corporate and government workforces and helping small, diverse businesses gain access to resources and opportunities. Towanda’s business, Livingston Worx, partners with their clients to harness diversity as a tool for improving customer loyalty, employee engagement, and market share.

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Traci Madison

Owner of Madison Real Estate

Traci Madison spent over 13 years working as a licensed realtor and broker before opening her own real estate company in 2016. Madison Real Estate offers boutique-style services with exclusive resources that set them apart from other traditional real estate businesses. Traci Madison has been a resident in the state of Delaware for over two decades and is highly knowledgeable about the area and home values.

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