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Marketing analytics tracker preview

Marketing Analytics Tracker

If you’ve ever wondered which numbers to track and what they mean, this resource is for you! The analytics tracker provides a templated approach to analytics that focuses on the metrics that really matter AND includes formulas to do the math for you for quarterly reviews. Start making sense of your metrics today!

Event Promotion Checklist preview

Event Promotion Checklist

Save time and improve event ROI with this simple, easy checklist to manage your event promotion, setup, sharing, and follow up. Streamline your event promotion efforts now!


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Let’s Talk Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Bruna Coutinho

Let’s Talk Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Bruna Coutinho

Getting a business going is tough! There are so many different ways to try to bring in new leads, but networking and referrals are by far the most powerful. We’re bringing in Bruna Coutinho to talk about word-of-mouth marketing in this interactive interview.

Bruna is the owner of Bruna’s Cleaning Service and, until recently, had zero online presence. Despite this, she managed to grow her business from a single-person cleaning company to a team of 3+. Watch to hear how Bruna grew her business and learn about the power of referrals (and how to find the first couple of clients to get those referrals!).

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Budget-Friendly Mail Marketing with Rebecca Lennon

Budget-Friendly Mail Marketing with Rebecca Lennon

In Delaware, things are gradually starting to open back up, BUT there’s a good chance your target audience will still prefer a somewhat hands-off outreach strategy. We’ve talked about social media and online networking, but what about mailers? Learn about print and traditional mail, how to do it affordably for small businesses, and why it’s not as complicated as it might look at first glance with Rebecca Lennon from DLS Creative.

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