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Hello! We’re BrandSwan. We help small businesses, professionals, and nonprofits break away from the flock through story-driven

Branding, Web Design & Marketing

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A Branding Agency in Delaware

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Hello! Nice to meet you!

We’re glad you stopped by. You’re probably wondering why you should hire us. We could expound upon our expertise and case studies and so on (and we do on some of our other pages), but instead, let’s start with our values.

We are surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs and business professionals doing awesome things every single day. BUT they don’t see it. We want our clients to leave imposter syndrome and self-doubt at the virtual door and eliminate the obstacles that hold us back personally and professionally. BrandSwan was founded to reveal your inner awesome. In other words, we want to shine a huge spotlight on what makes you (and your business) amazing so you start attracting the right people, new business opportunities, and income.

Your turn. Tell us more about you!

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What We Do

Birds of feather flock together but when it comes to the business world, making the same choices as everyone else leads to less visibility and recognition, as well as heavier competition for clients and resources.

BrandSwan helps you cut through the noise. We work with you to create a brand that highlights what makes you unique, valuable, and compelling. And then we take that one step further with strategic marketing strategies to get your voice heard. Your story is waiting to be told – let’s reveal your inner awesome.

Jane Clark (right) and Jenn Wells (left), Co-Founders of BrandSwan, a Branding Agency in Delaware

Our Services

A Branding Agency in Delaware + Web Design & Marketing


Your brand design is the sum of all of your visuals and messaging: logo, color palettes, typography, images, messaging, style guides, rack cards, banners, business cards — everything you need to tell your story. Ultimately your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around. BrandSwan can help you manage that reputation.

Web Design

From landing pages to fully custom websites, we create strategic, optimized sites for lead generation and SEO. All of our websites are mobile-friendly, include an easy visual editor, converting clicks into clients. Need extras? Plenty of addons are available such as social media integration, contact forms, backups and security, and website training.


Together, we’ll create a tailored strategy based on your branding, business goals and budget. Strategies can include SEO, SEM, social media campaigns, PRs, email blasts and drip campaigns, blogging, paid advertising, and more.

We follow this up with analytics and reporting to show results.

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Ready to tell your story? Schedule some time with us to start mapping out your brand strategy.